Couch Cleaning 101: Learn The Necessary Steps First

The materials your couch is made of have everything to do with what you use to clean it and how you get the job done. Some couches are actually best cleaned with just water or a solution of water and mild detergent. Do you have a leather couch, fabric couch or some other type of upholstered sofa? Stain removal is, of course, a little different than maintenance and routine spring cleaning. You want to get to those stains as soon as possible, too, when it comes to couch cleaning.

Let’s get down to the details. The first required step when it comes to cleaning any couch, no matter the type of materials used in construction, is vacuuming. If you don’t vacuum a couch, you are just asking for it. It means that you’re not removing the larger particles of dirt first. Especially if you are cleaning a fabric couch, failing to vacuum means you could be smearing the dirt into the fabric.

You are going to get that couch clean, but you certainly want to take the proper steps. Couches are good at hiding dirt, so vacuuming removes the unknown. You just never know what’s on that surface, but a good vacuuming is the first step to proper cleaning. The next step is to actually look at the tag on your sofa. There are cleaning codes that will help you know what steps to take.

The couch tag might not tell you specifically how to clean the couch, but that cleaning code will stand for what’s necessary. You can take that cleaning code and match it to the proper set of instructions. Let’s say that you don’t have a tag on your sofa though. Then you need to match the type of sofa to the recommended cleaning solution. Believe it or not, many of the suggested cleaning remedies are often quite simple and not complex formulas or a mixture of many ingredients.

If at any time you think you want to clean your sofa more rigorously, you do have another option. You can always hire an upholstery cleaning service, too. They are good at what they do. Yet it sure would save you money to add couch cleaning to the spring cleaning list. You can get that couch not only looking better but just clean in general. That affects the indoor air quality of a home, as you are going to be up close and personal with that couch.