Using A Beekeeper For Bee Removal

Having bees in your home is never pleasant as you constantly worry about being stung.  However, if you do have a bee problem then you should look at your bee removal options.  There are a number of ways that bee removal can be done with calling a local beekeeper being one of them.

Before You Call The Beekeeper

Before you can a beekeeper you need to complete a few things.  The first is to determine that you have honey bees in your home and that they have a hive on your property.  You should also try and locate the hive which will generally be in an enclosed space.  You should not attempt to remove the hive yourself as this will result in injuries.

Call The Local Beekeeper

Calling your local beekeeper is one of the best bee removal methods because they will remove the bees without killing them.  Honey bees are disappearing rapidly and without them, plants will not be pollinated.  You should be able to find the contact information for the local beekeeper online.

When the beekeeper removes the bees, they will physically remove the hive and all of the bees.  Many beekeepers will do this for free, but some will charge a fee depending on the location of the hive.  If the hive is hard to remove then they might charge a fee, but this will generally be smaller than an extermination service.

When removing the hive the beekeeper will generally cut out the honeycombs and place them into frames.  These frames will then be transferred to the hive box that they have.  In some cases, you may be given some of the honeycombs which is safe to eat.

If the hive is hard to reach then the beekeeper will use a special vacuum on the bees.  The vacuum will suck up the bees without hurting them which ensures that the hive can be reached and removed.  The bees will often be kept in the vacuum until the beekeeper feels it is safe to release them.

If the hive is behind a wall then you may need to call a contractor.  The contractor will have to break down part of the wall so the beekeeper can access the hive.  You will be responsible for the costs of this and for the repair work afterward.

During the removal, the bees will become agitated as they view this as an attack on their hive.  This is why it is recommended that you keep your family and pets inside until the job is completed.