Springfield Handyman Reviews Say It All!

I needed to use some heavy equipment for digging I needed to do in my yard. I knew a few people that had the equipment I needed, however, they have businesses and have to use what they have. I asked them if they knew where to get a rental or something I could use for a few days. My friend said there are rental places around and they are all about the same.

I started searching around for heavy equipment rentals in my area. I found a few different places and started reading reviews about them on a website. I learned that their pricing can vary and that it is best to call around to find out what they are charging for the rental at the time. I looked around some more and found Springfield Handyman reviews. I found lots of helpful information like their pricing and their customer service. I looked on the Facebook page for the company and read several great reviews about them and the equipment they have for rent. Everything I heard and read was really great. I decided this was going to be the company I rented the bulldozer I needed from.

I called them up and asked them what it would be for the rental and asked them if they have special deals going on. They told me they could offer a lower price if I kept the bulldozer a little longer. I decided that is what I would do because I wasn’t sure the job would be done in the 2 days I was originally going to get it for. I went ahead and made arrangements with them to rent the bulldozer. They even delivered it for me. It was a really nice bulldozer and it was able to get the job done.

Springfield Handyman Rentals was a great option and I’m glad I researched the different rental companies. Springfield Handyman reviews about this company were really great and everything I read about them was true. They were easy to work with, offered a special deal for keeping the rental longer and had really nice equipment. I will recommend them anyone looking for an equipment rental and will use them again in the future if I need to rent large items or heavy equipment. They have so many different rentals available for all types of things which is nice.