Fireplaces at Stockport

Stockport is a bustling city, just a few miles away from Manchester Airport making it one of the busiest international hubs in Europe. Like any other city, Stockport has its share of historical significance. Stockport was really famous for its hat production, and the hats produced here were exported worldwide. Stockport has its shares of museums, plaza, world-renowned artists and landmarks to its credit, which makes it far more interesting than one can imagine.

A fireplace is designed to contain the fire. It is usually made of brick or metal or stones to withstand the heat produced by the fire. The fireplace is situated at the base of the chimney. Fireplaces are room heaters, which has the primary function of keeping the rooms warm for cold nights. Fireplaces make the room warm and cozy changing the look and feel of the indoors.

Different styles of fireplaces:

There are different styles of fireplaces to choose from. But they broadly fall into 4 main categories.

• Wood Burning Fireplaces:

These are traditional fireplaces and this is what most of the people picture in their head when one talks of fireplaces. The traditional Open hearths have been around for centuries, and are typically made of stone or brick. They rely on burning wood to keep the room warm but are found to be not so effective when compared to modern contemporaries. Apart from this, there are enclosed fireplaces, Fireplace inserts and Woodburning Stoves that fall into this category. All these types make use of burning wood to aid in keeping the temperature of the room warm.

• Gas Burning Fireplaces:

Although the look and the nostalgic feeling is missing, these type of fireplaces uses gas as the source of fuel and burns cleanly apart from being cost-effective. Directed vented Built-in fireplaces and Ventless fireplaces are the two variants of this style of fireplace. The only difference to the two being, with vent the flame burning in the fireplace, is yellow and the fire is blue in case of ventless gas burning fireplaces.

• Ethanol Burning Fireplaces:

For the ease of installation and their contemporary design, these are the more popular type of fireplaces. They are odorless, clean, environment-friendly and best of all they can be fit and installed easily to suit any décor. Wall mounted, tabletop and existing conversion of fireplaces are its variants.

• Electric Fireplaces:

These are the most cost-effective fireplaces out of all the options available in the market. Most of them are remote controlled and you can switch them on or turn them off according to your convenience just like air-conditioners. Mantel electric fireplaces and electric fireplace TV stands are the known variants of electric fireplaces.

Popular Fireplaces of Stockport:

Though there are a lot of fireplaces in Stockport, the ones that really stand out are the Victorian Fireplace Store, Nostalgia, The Antique Fireplace Restoration Company, Home Fires and Fuels, Myevac Fireplaces Ltd, Coalwood Heating Centre Ltd., with a 5-star rating on Google. All these stores either specialize in a particular type of fireplace like Nostalgia focuses on antique fireplaces while Home Fires and Fuels deal with all types. With many, fireplaces stores coming up, each store has to come up with its own unique selling point, to be able to make a name for themselves in the market.