5 Top Valuables That You Should Protect When Moving

They say summer is the busiest season for moving. That’s because it’s usually hard to move in winter. In that case, you should contact the best movers OKC who can help you pack your things. If you’re one of those people with fragile and expensive stuff to pack, you should take note of the following tips for each of these top five valuables.


Drinking Glasses

Glasses are the most breakable of all your fragile things. Protect your glasses using a dish pack box with double-thick walls. Also place your glasses on packing paper in a horizontal direction. Label your glasses too. Place all wrapped glasses in a vertical position in one layer inside the box. Separate another layer of glasses with packing paper until the box is full. Fill the remaining space with crumpled newspaper to insulate any shock.



Place plates in boxes without much packing paper. Don’t let the dishes rattle by wrapping each one with packing paper. Repeat around five times for each plate until you have properly secured and insulated it. Label your plates, but use plenty of tapes to secure the box where you’re keeping them. Place all wrapped plates in a vertical position in the box. Also, fill the remaining space with crumpled paper.


Lamp Shades

Lampshades are challenging to move because of their awkward shape and size. You might dent it if you don’t pack it properly. Use the eco-bubble wrap to wrap your lampshade. Make sure that you cover every part of it. Fill the box with crumpled newspaper to keep the lampshade from shifting many times inside the box.


Wine and Liquor Bottles

Your wine bottles can leak or break easily and can lead to damage to the bottles. Always use a divided box or cell box to keep your wine bottles. You can get this from a wine shop. Make sure that you triple your tape on the bottom of the box. In case there’s any space between the divider and the bottle, fill it up with crumpled paper. Also, make sure that you don’t have all your wine bottles in one box so as to make the box impossible to carry.



Pack your mirrors in picture boxes. However, protect the front of the mirror using crushed packing paper. This should act as the bed for the mirror. Also, wrap your mirror with many sheets of paper or eco-bubble. Tape the wrapping tightly while you fill all the gaps in the box with crumpled paper.



It’s not easy transporting fragile things with you when you move to a new place. The most important thing though is that you pack all these things well and correctly.